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Wichita Pools has a standard service radius of 25 miles of Wichita, KS. If your pool is outside our service radius, please contact us for pricing at (316)759-9249

Pool OPENING Package

Your PREMIUM Pool Closing Package Includes…

Pool Opening Service is invoiced at $295.00 PLUS the cost of chemicals used at pool opening.
An additional cost of $50.00 is invoiced for each additional pump opening (more than 1 pump/pool).

  • Removal of winterization materials.
  • Skimming pool surface of debris
  • Brushing pool walls.
  • Netting leaves from the pool / vacuuming pool for up to 30 min.
  • Emptying skimmer and pump baskets.
  • Start up of pool equipment / check for proper operation
  • Assess filter pressure, backwashing pool if necessary.
  • Balance pool chemistry, add chemicals if necessary.

Additional Pricing Info & Disclaimers:

  • Pool opening cost of $295.00 does not include necessary follow up visits/chemicals to clear pool water that is cloudy/green/algae ridden upon opening. Return trip visits will be invoiced to the customer at our standard hourly rate of $97.50/hour per trip plus the costs of chemicals used. Return trip visits are required to complete the opening process. Until our pool technician can clearly see the bottom surface of the pool, the pool is not open and swimmable.
  • Removal/storage of any mesh cover by Wichita Pools is not included in the pool opening cost.  An additional $50.00 will be invoiced to the customer for all solid and mesh cover removals done by Wichita Pools at any scheduled pool opening. If customers do not wish us to remove and clean covers, all covers must be removed before Wichita Pools arrives for the pool opening. During pool opening season, our service technician is on a very tight time schedule and will not have time to wait for the cover to be removed.  Wichita Pools appreciates your cooperation with this as opening season arrives.
  • Auto cover cleaning service is not included in the pool opening cost. Auto cover cleaning involves power washing the cover fabric, cleaning debris from the auto cover box, and checking cover operation. Auto cover cleanings are invoiced to the customer at $199.00 plus chemicals used.
  • If any equipment issues need repair/cleaning at the time of the opening, there will need to be a separate service call scheduled by the customer with our office for the repair (DE filter cleanings, salt cell cleanings, automation issues, etc). Repair service is invoiced to the customer at $97.50/hr minimum plus cost of parts used at time of service.
  • Please make sure the swimming pool area is fully accessible to our service technician on any/all scheduled service dates by verifying all gate/fence access information at time of scheduling the opening.  If service technician cannot access the swimming pool for any reason at time of scheduled service, the customer will still be invoiced at the full service rate for that visit.

 Additional fees for out-of-area service calls:

  • 30 min=$50.00 added to invoice.
  • 1 hour=$75.00 added to invoice.
  • 1.5 hrs=$125.00 added to invoices
    *Wichita Pools requires all  customers to keep/maintain a working credit card on file with our office for billing purposes.
  • Your preauthorization allows Wichita Pools to charge the credit card on file for all services rendered.  This signature also allows Wichita Pools field service technicians the ability to make repairs not to exceed $200.00 without customer pre-approval. This approval allows our service technician to make necessary/immediate onsite repairs to keep your pool running properly and from possibly causing future damage to the pool.
  • Once Wichita Pools has received your information, we will contact you via email or phone to verify information and add you to our upcoming schedule.
  • All past due balances must be paid in full in order to schedule services.
  • Wichita Pools will make every effort to accommodate your specific requests, but there may be some we cannot accommodate. If there is an instance needing addressed or discussed that we cannot accommodate, Wichita Pools will communicate with you to resolve the issue prior to the start of the 2024 season.

Your $99 deposit will reserve time on our calendar for your pool opening. Your final bill ($295+chemicals) will be provided upon completion of pool closing, after the calculation of chemicals used to complete your closing. The deposit you are placing today APPLIES to your final bill. All deposits are non-refundable. Book TODAY, our schedule fills quickly.

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