Fiberglass Pools in Wichita Kansas

Fiberglass Pool Installation Wichita Kansas

If you are considering a fiberglass pool in Wichita, Kansas, Wichita Pools may have just what you’re looking for. These pools can be installed in a week or less and unlike vinyl pools, fiberglass pools are virtually maintenance-free! Wichita Pools proudly installs San Juan fiberglass pools – the original and innovative company behind fiberglass pool design and at the forefront of new design options for small pools and large pools alike.

San Juan Pools originated in Seattle, Washington, early in 1958 and was the first company to apply the then-new technology of fiberglass to a full body swimming pool using techniques adapted from boat hull construction. That pool is still in excellent condition to this day, and people still swim in it every summer.

San Juan Fiberglass Pools in Wichita, Kansas

San Juan backs their pools as solidly as they build them. They have dedicated their professional lives to the design and construction of the highest quality swimming pools in the industry to date. San Juan craftsmen assemble each pool with meticulous attention to every detail using the best material and the latest technological advancements. San Juan firmly believes that their sincere commitment to excellence defies the competition.

Over the past 55+ years, San Juan has attained a position of prominence in the swimming pool industry.

FIRST to probe the gainful attributes of new technologies,
FIRST to introduce advanced installation procedures,
FIRST in continued research and development in fiberglass,
FIRST to explore the advantage of in-house training.

Since 1958 San Juan has grown from a small Washington-based company, to a well-governed nationwide organization with numerous manufacturing plants throughout the United States. Along with each plant’s network of locally owned, independent, authorized San Juan dealers, they design and craft the most elegant fiberglass pools in America.

Wichita Pools is a proud San Juan Pools Fiberglass Pool Dealer.

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